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Replicator Version 4.0 Product Announcement

DocumentMall Replicator Version 4.0

DocumentMall’s Replicator has been upgraded to version 4.0.  The new version, available for download on the DocumentMall Customer Resource Site, includes user interface improvements and a new synchronization option to help users keep DocumentMall in sync with local folders and documents.

Product Overview

Replicator is an application designed to perform one and two-way replication of content between a user’s PC and DocumentMall. It’s designed to support the transfer of large or multiple files. This process makes a connection between folders on a user’s local (or network) drive and corresponding folders in DocumentMall via a map created in Replicator.  Users simply navigate to the folders they want to upload from their local (or network) drive and then navigate to the location in DocumentMall where they want the folder(s) to reside. 

What’s New / What’s Different

  • Synchronize:  Available for each mapping, the synchronize option attempts to keep the local folder in sync with the DocumentMall folder.  When the "Sync" box is checked files are automatically synchronized upon the next replication. When “Sync” is selected,  the Upload and Download boxes are automatically unchecked.
  • Mappings – To make it easier to set up mappings and view the status of mappings, the terminology has been updated to Local Folders and DocumentMall Folders, replacing Source and Target in previous versions. 
  • Windows Startup / Auto Login:  A Start with Windows check-box appears on the main page of Replicator 4.0.  Placing a check in the Start with Windows box automatically starts Replicator (in minimize mode).  Enabling Start with Windows also enables Automatic Login to DocumentMall. 
  • Analysis Log:  This feature allows users to see what will happen prior to replication (clicking the start button).  Upon completion, the analysis log automatically opens in the default web browser.
  • Transfer Log –Replicator creates a transfer log to show the status of files from replication.  In the event that replication was interrupted or unable to execute, the status will be noted on the main screen and the transfer log can help the user or network administrator determine the cause of any errors.
  • Minimize Mode – Replicator can be minimized and run in the background enabling users to continue work in other applications.  When minimized, the Replicator icon appears in the status bar.
  • Proxy Support can now be configured on the login screen.

    Replicator 4

Clcik here to access downloadable files or documentation.

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